ITV Arena

ITV Arena supports market development for a broad launch of interactive services. This market primarily consists of public and private service providers, broadband network owners, as well as TV an production companies. The mission of ITV Arena, in cooperation with cluster partners, is to develop and test interactive television and technology services, as well as initiate and pursue research project.

We are the hub of a European cluster of companies, academics and entrepreneurs that work exclusively with Interactive TV We initiate and coordinate research projects, as well as develop knowledge and technology for interactive TV services We offer an environment for the evaluation of Interactive TV services, technology and program formats for television Interactive TV Arena is a development institution, where the knowledge of interactive television started being assembled in the early 2000s. Interactive TV service knowledge is currently scattered among a large number of operators in several countries. The formation of a cluster of related partners is the natural way to link research and innovation, as well as technology, service and business development to create a powerful center for interactive.

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