Welcome to Carenet-SE

Welcome to the Carenet-se homepage. CareNet is an advanced research network infrastructure in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a collaboration between centers of academic excellence and the industry. Participating academic institutions include: KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden's premiere technical university and Karonliska Institute, Sweden's largest medical university. This project is part of a multi-stakeholder effort that is targeted at transforming the delivery and quality of healthcare to elderly people and outpatients. The project is made possible through support from Vinnova, the Swedish government agency for research and innovation.

Featured Researcher

Kristina Groth (born 1963) has a MSc in computer science from KTH (1991) and a PhD in human-computer interaction from KTH (2004). She is a teacher and researcher at KTH and KI. Her main interest is within computer supported cooperative work. Kristina has long experience in field studies, prototyping and evaluations. Today Kristina is project manager for the Funk-IS project, a collaboration between KTH and KI focusing on the use of advanced technology in clinical meetings.

Featured Partner

Borderlight AB is a Swedish Telecom operator located in Uppsala. Borderlight's business idea is to design, deploy, operate and administer high-speed open network infrastructures for data communication that handle delay sensitive traffic and Best effort traffic in an efficient and secure manner while allowing different market players to share the secure, QoS assured infrastructure to increase theirproductivity and profitability.