Borderlight AB

Borderlight AB is a Swedish Telecom operator located in Uppsala. Borderlight's business idea is to design, deploy, operate and administer high-speed open network infrastructures for data communication that handle delay sensitive traffic and Best effort traffic in an efficient and secure manner while allowing different market players to share the secure, QoS assured infrastructure to increase theirproductivity and profitability. Today Borderlight works with business development and operations of Metro Networks incorporating a powerful service platform for full triple-play services (Internet, IP Telephony, IPTV and video-on-demand). Borderlight's main customers are municipality owed public organizations, Metropolitan Network owners, real estate owners and Swedish Universities such as SUNET (Swedish University NETwork connecting 300,000 connected customers). Further information is available on the company's Web site: Borderlight has also participated and successfully completed an ITEA/Mobilizing-the-Internet project.

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