Björn Pehrson

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

Björn Pehrson is a professor and head of the Telecommunication Systems Laboratory since 1992. He has his Ph.D. degree from Uppsala University in 1975. 1975-1985 he was an associate professor at Uppsala university, 1985-1992, he was at SICS as the research manager of the Distributed Systems Laboratory and an adjunct professor at KTH while initiating the industry-funded MultiG research programme on multimedia applications and high speed networks out of which the two startups Dynarc and Netinsight emerged. 1992-1997 head of department, 1997-2000 visiting professor at Stanford University, 2000-2005 vice dean of the School of ICT. His current research interests include consumer-driven research based on pre-commercial procurement strategies, networking solutions for areas of high commercial risk and dedicated networks for education and healthcare. He has initiated and participated in several EU-projects and is currently coordinating the planning of an AU-EU project establishing a pan-African broadband infrastructure for research and education networks together with current and former African KTH students.