Alkit Communications

Alkit Communications is an SME ICT company delivering communication solutions in the fields of e-health, distributed collaborative work and automotive telematics. Alkit has a strong R&D profile with active participation in European and Swedish research projects. Within the e-health area, Alkit has participated in the VINNOVA-funded projects SAMS, MobiSAMS and VVP developing process oriented information system components for health care cooperation, including mobile support for advanced home care. One of Alkit’s key competences is high quality video communication for different applications, including telemedicine and telecare. Alkit currently delivers software solutions for telemedical consultation to Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset and Akademiska Sjukhuset. Alkit also participates in the CELTIC project HDVIPER delivering high definition videoconferencing technology. In the CARENET project, Alkit will contribute with specialist knowledge concerning video communication in e-health contexts, application developer’s perspectives on health care e-services, and QoS requirements for high quality VC services for home healthcare and other e-health services. Through participation in the project, Alkit envisages strategic opportunities to improve their market position with regards to advanced telemedicine and telecare solutions.

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