Here you will add the researchers involved in the carenet-se project.

Kristina Groth

Kristina Groth (born 1963) has a MSc in computer science from KTH (1991) and a PhD in human-computer interaction from KTH (2004). She is a teacher and researcher at KTH and KI. Her main interest is within computer supported cooperative work. Kristina has long experience in field studies, prototyping and evaluations. Today Kristina is project manager for the Funk-IS project, a collaboration between KTH and KI focusing on the use of advanced technology in clinical meetings.

Sven Jonsson

Sven Jonsson (born 1962), PhD candidate in medical science at KI, CLINTEC, within the areas of biomedical engineering (BME) and telemedicine and eHealth. Sven has a University certificate in control and maintenance in 1982 from the University of Sundsvall/Härnösand. Since 1998 Sven is certified as a clinical engineer. His main concern regards to applied research and development in the area of BME within home health care including business development.

Sven has over 24 years of work experience within the area of biomedical engineering including ten years within R&D. Sven holds a position as area manger in telemedicine and eHealth at Karolinska. Sven has been project manager for several national and international projects within his area.

Johan Permert

Johan Permert (born 1957), MD (1985), Ph.D. (1993), and Professor in surgery since 2003. Johan has over 100 scientific publications, mainly in the field of nutrition, metabolism, surgery and pancreatic cancer. Johan has a broad experience in organizing healthcare and is now the head of Gastro. Johan has developed a telemedicine network based process for the ÖAK health care in the Stockholm region, connecting up to ten hospitals using video mediated communication. The local hospitals participate in the discussions and contribute with their specialisation (e.g., oncology) and knowledge about the patient (the referral doctor). Johan is today project manager for a new operation building in Huddinge, including premises for research and product development within the health care. The idea is that the clinical work should be close to both the research and development, and that this would yield high quality projects regarding research and products.

Peter Sjödin

Peter Sjödin

Peter Sjödin is an Associate Professor in Communication Networks. He received the M.S. And Ph.D. degrees from Uppsala University, Sweden, in 1982 and 1991. 1986-1998, he was at SICS, Kista, Sweden, where he was research manager of the Network Architectures laboratory and performed research in the areas of protocol design, protocol verification, real-time communication, network design, and high-speed router architectures. In 1998, he co-founded Dynarc, a company developing routers for optical metropolitan networks and was Vice President of R&D 1998-2002. Since 2002, he is an Associate Professor at the Telecommunication Systems Laboratory. His current research interests include network system architectures, protocols and network architectures, and IP-optical integration. He holds five patents in the area of fast lookups and network resource management.

Björn Pehrson

Björn Pehrson

Björn Pehrson is a professor and head of the Telecommunication Systems Laboratory since 1992. He has his Ph.D. degree from Uppsala University in 1975. 1975-1985 he was an associate professor at Uppsala university, 1985-1992, he was at SICS as the research manager of the Distributed Systems Laboratory and an adjunct professor at KTH while initiating the industry-funded MultiG research programme on multimedia applications and high speed networks out of which the two startups Dynarc and Netinsight emerged. 1992-1997 head of department, 1997-2000 visiting professor at Stanford University, 2000-2005 vice dean of the School of ICT. His current research interests include consumer-driven research based on pre-commercial procurement strategies, networking solutions for areas of high commercial risk and dedicated networks for education and healthcare. He has initiated and participated in several EU-projects and is currently coordinating the planning of an AU-EU project establishing a pan-African broadband infrastructure for research and education networks together with current and former African KTH students.

Bruce Zamaere

Bruce Zamaere is a PhD Candidate under the supervision of Bjorn Pehrson and Peter Sjodin, at the Telecommunication Systems Laboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). His research is focused on designing and developing a Virtualized Multi-Homed Residential Gateway that supports dynamic service provisioning. His main research interests include Autonomous Network Management, Distributed Systems, Network Virtualization, Embedded Systems, Knowledge Management in Collaborative Environments, Context Awareness, Artificial Intelligence and Security, Trust & Cooperation in Heterogeneous Networking Environments.