Industrial Partners

Alkit Communications

Alkit Communications is an SME ICT company delivering communication solutions in the fields of e-health, distributed collaborative work and automotive telematics. Alkit has a strong R&D profile with active participation in European and Swedish research projects. Within the e-health area, Alkit has participated in the VINNOVA-funded projects SAMS, MobiSAMS and VVP developing process oriented information system components for health care cooperation, including mobile support for advanced home care. One of Alkit’s key competences is high quality video communication for different applications, including telemedicine and telecare. Alkit currently delivers software solutions for telemedical consultation to Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset and Akademiska Sjukhuset. Alkit also participates in the CELTIC project HDVIPER delivering high definition videoconferencing technology. In the CARENET project, Alkit will contribute with specialist knowledge concerning video communication in e-health contexts, application developer’s perspectives on health care e-services, and QoS requirements for high quality VC services for home healthcare and other e-health services. Through participation in the project, Alkit envisages strategic opportunities to improve their market position with regards to advanced telemedicine and telecare solutions.


Borderlight AB

Borderlight AB is a Swedish Telecom operator located in Uppsala. Borderlight's business idea is to design, deploy, operate and administer high-speed open network infrastructures for data communication that handle delay sensitive traffic and Best effort traffic in an efficient and secure manner while allowing different market players to share the secure, QoS assured infrastructure to increase theirproductivity and profitability. Today Borderlight works with business development and operations of Metro Networks incorporating a powerful service platform for full triple-play services (Internet, IP Telephony, IPTV and video-on-demand). Borderlight's main customers are municipality owed public organizations, Metropolitan Network owners, real estate owners and Swedish Universities such as SUNET (Swedish University NETwork connecting 300,000 connected customers). Further information is available on the company's Web site: Borderlight has also participated and successfully completed an ITEA/Mobilizing-the-Internet project.


Lindfors Tech System Distribution (LiTech)

LiTech is a Stockholm based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that was founded in the late 1990’s. The company specializes in building high performance systems and operating system hardware compatibility and has been involved in the Bifrost project for several years. The role is to provide expertize on hardware for open source routing and video conferencing in the context of the project as well as for the LiTech commercial customers.


ITV Arena

ITV Arena supports market development for a broad launch of interactive services. This market primarily consists of public and private service providers, broadband network owners, as well as TV an production companies. The mission of ITV Arena, in cooperation with cluster partners, is to develop and test interactive television and technology services, as well as initiate and pursue research project.

We are the hub of a European cluster of companies, academics and entrepreneurs that work exclusively with Interactive TV We initiate and coordinate research projects, as well as develop knowledge and technology for interactive TV services We offer an environment for the evaluation of Interactive TV services, technology and program formats for television Interactive TV Arena is a development institution, where the knowledge of interactive television started being assembled in the early 2000s. Interactive TV service knowledge is currently scattered among a large number of operators in several countries. The formation of a cluster of related partners is the natural way to link research and innovation, as well as technology, service and business development to create a powerful center for interactive.


Uppsala Hem

Uppsalahem is one of the larger municipal housing companies in Sweden. The role of Uppsalahem in the project is to facilitate access to selected homes of patients and stand-by healthcare workers and provide user requirements and feedback on proposals for implementation of support systems for home health care.

Uppsalahem will help to strengthen the municipality's development by highly qualified own, manage and build residential properties that offer accommodation for the different phases in life. Over 25 000 Uppsala residents have their homes in one of Uppsala Hem 13 400 dwellings.

The main business is to manage the buildings owned. The administration should create safe and pleasant living environments and minimize environmental impact. Uppsalahem is also one of Uppsala's largest builders and has over the past seven years started production of 1 800 flats.

Uppsalahemkoncernen consists of parent company Uppsalahem AB and its subsidiary Storvreta Center HB.



Vinnova is the Swedish government agency for innovation and development. It aims to promote growth and prosperity throughout Sweden by funding needs-driven research activities. This is expected to create competitive business and industrial sectors in Sweden.