Welcome to Carenet-SE

Welcome to the Carenet-se homepage. CareNet is an advanced research network infrastructure in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a collaboration between centers of academic excellence and the industry. Participating academic institutions include: KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden's premiere technical university and Karonliska Institute, Sweden's largest medical university. This project is part of a multi-stakeholder effort that is targeted at transforming the delivery and quality of healthcare to elderly people and outpatients. The project is made possible through support from Vinnova, the Swedish government agency for research and innovation.

Featured Researcher

Peter Sjödin

Peter Sjödin is an Associate Professor in Communication Networks. He received the M.S. And Ph.D. degrees from Uppsala University, Sweden, in 1982 and 1991. 1986-1998, he was at SICS, Kista, Sweden, where he was research manager of the Network Architectures laboratory and performed research in the areas of protocol design, protocol verification, real-time communication, network design, and high-speed router architectures. In 1998, he co-founded Dynarc, a company developing routers for optical metropolitan networks and was Vice President of R&D 1998-2002.

Featured Partner

Alkit Communications is an SME ICT company delivering communication solutions in the fields of e-health, distributed collaborative work and automotive telematics. Alkit has a strong R&D profile with active participation in European and Swedish research projects. Within the e-health area, Alkit has participated in the VINNOVA-funded projects SAMS, MobiSAMS and VVP developing process oriented information system components for health care cooperation, including mobile support for advanced home care.